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KWAS issue 3 AMOK

The only enemy you will ever face is fear. At a time when the tension is reaching its zenith, when not only is there no certainty, but there are many real threats to health and life, and what is worse, they are realized. You cannot run away from him, but you can face him and defeat him. Danger is lurking around the corner, evil is showing openly and no one can stop it (he doesn’t want to, he has no time, he can’t, it’s not his business), we are looking for a total respite, cut off, we run amok, just to forget about fragility life. So tell me: What’s your next problem to solve? New addictions, shopaholism, love, travels, new friends. Be smarter than the norms you were born into. We do everything to feel relieved and to forget about passing, war, disease, inflation, government. Smartphones. Music, dopamine, sugar, experiences, preferably intense, strong. And now, immediately. Drugs, sex, money, kids. As soon as possible to plug the hole and there was something to talk about. Consumption. And if that doesn’t help, then more kids, more divorces, new wives, more homes. Those who thought they still had time regret the most. Is life an escape from discomfort and a pursuit of pleasure? Fulfilling the needs of the body, mind and spirit. That’s all? Where will our escape from pain and the pursuit of fulfillment lead us? Choose an activity that you do several times each day, such as opening a door. Throughout the day, every time you touch the doorknob to open the door, pause for a moment and be aware of where you are, how you are feeling right now, and where the door is taking you. I’m going to therapy tomorrow, hehe.

collaboration Karolina Wojtas

supported by Festiwal Fotografii Plener

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